Siirry suoraan verkkokauppaan tästä. Dream Team brändituotteet vihdoin kaikkien saatavilla. Valikoima on vielä maltillinen, mutta tulemme lisäämään myös viralliset pelipaidat ja joukkueiden omilla logoilla varustetut tuotteet.


Dream Team is a gaming organization founded at 2018 and centered around PUBG MOBILE. We are experienced competitive players mostly from the Nordics, but also from around the world. Our aim is to practice and enter Scrims and tournaments to become one of the best, while having fun and enjoying the game.

Clan history

Our founder SWAGGY was watching some movie where was bad ass team named Dream Team so he made crew challenge team named after it. Afterwards we needed to set up a new clan so obviously it was named Dream Team as well.

Our future

For now we are looking future with high hopes as we are now official Esports team. This project is already real! Join our Discord server and register your team in our first Esports League Tournament!